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Jul 24, 2011 6:30am PDT
or ultimately like the taliban. we need to have a change in direction in washington and brussebru brus brussels. >> we can create secular, christians in egypt and moderate and secular. >> that is the hope and prayer of egyptian christians and secularists. a political movement and pressure from the west to keep democratic revolution moving forward. gary lane cab can be news, cairo, egypt. >> visit us at we'll be back right after this. >> it is a sad fact hundreds of unwanted babies abandoned on the streetsover seoul, south korea and many don't survive. >> to set up a way for unwanted babies, news partners, cgnt v in seoul. >> on this street in seoul korea, a sign says place to leave babies. this is a baby box. a thick towel covers the bottom and lights and heating keep a baby comfortable. a bell rings when somebody puts a baby in the box and a helper comes to move a baby inside. this past year, 6 infants or small children rescued here. fiscally or mentally handicapped or from unmarried mothers. >> this note says he has this handicapped. i am sorry i am not able to raise this baby. i
Jul 24, 2011 12:00pm EDT
and talking to them and getting good information about where the taliban is or who's aiding the enemy, and more importantly, what the town really needs in order for it to be more cohesive and stand on its own so that we can get out of afghanistan, if you will. >> guest: absolutely. i mean, i think that women are bringing a new dynamic to the front line. and combat is always changing. the way that we conduct warfare is constantly evolving. we're no longer doing these first generation force on force type of manures that require that we have -- maneuvers that require that we have total upper body strength, that we're hiking for miles, that we're doing hand-to-hand combat, and sure, those skills are important. but right now on the battlefield forces are finding themselves confronted not only as infantrymen, but in that role of both diplomat and peacemaker where there's the necessity of having the role of discussing and finding out ways to have conflict resolution with whatever culture we're dealing with. >> host: and even on the athletic field we've found when we do the -- [inaudible] the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2